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Corrugated Fin Wall

  Position of Embossing  

  Type A (Single Embossing)  

  Type B (Double Embossing)  

Height of Embossing
Code Height of Fin Height of Embossing
EW 100 -130mm 50mm
140 -150mm 60mm
160 ~mm 80mm
Descriptions Code Specfications
Width of Panel W 300 – 1300mm
Sheet Thickness T 1 – 1.5mm
Fin Pitch P 43 – 80mm
Oil Duct O 9mm
No. of Fin N 1 – 99mm
Total length of Panel L Max. 2600mm
Fin Height D 100 – 400mm
Front Edge A Min. 20mm
Rear Edge B Min. 20mm

Corrugated Fin Tank

Key Features of Corrugated Fin Tank
  • Fins produced on fully automatic machines with an excellent accuracy
  • Saving in material & Reduction in the weight of the transformer
  • Reduction in the overall volumetric dimension & Improved heat dissipation
  • No Blocking of oil flow in the fins & High Efficiency Cooling
  • Easier & Economical Oil Cleaning
  • Customized Corrugated fins are available on requests
  • Vertical oil channel for higher pressure resistance
The Production Line of Tank
Ranges of Tanks
Max. Length 2500MM
Max. Depth 2000MM
Max. Height 2000MM
Max. Weight 2.5MT.
Approx. Rating 10MVA