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Swan Neck Type Radiator
(Goose Neck type, Sky type)

Item Descriptions Remarks
Width 300mm(12″), 310mm, 380mm(15″), 450mm(18″),
480(18.9″), 520mm(20.5″), 535mm(21″)
Center Free
Material(Thick.) CR Steel, Stainless Steel (1mm, 1.2mm)
Welding O2, CO2
No. of Elements Free Customer’s specification
Fin Distance(Pitch) 40, 45, 50mm Customer’s specification
Surface Treatment Plain(Bare Metal), Customizing Painting,
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Customer’s specification

※ Customizing sizes are available on request.

No Descriptions Material Dimension
1 Element Fin SPCC 520×1.0t or 1.2t
2 Flange SS400 18t×150×150
3 Header Pipe SPP 3″, 4″, 5″
4 Drain Plug SS400
5 Reinforcing Bar SS400
6 Cover Plate SS400
7 Air Vent Plug SS400
8 Lifting Lug SS400
Pipe Size OD ID Thickness
3″ Ø89.1mm Ø81.9mm 3.6mm
4″ Ø108mm Ø102mm 3mm
5″ Ø127mm Ø117mm 5mm