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Transformer Cooling Fan
(General Specifications of Transformer Cooling Fan)

  • Weatherproof enclosure (totally enclosed) a shaft water slinger and 4 x M5 drain holes to allow condensation to drain, regardless of the mounting position.
  • Class F insulation with Calss B temperature rise for longer motor life.
  • Sealed ball bearings permanently lubricated with heavy duty grease rated -540℃ to 1940℃
  • Motors are painted with 75 microns of high quality, gray (Munsell no. 5Y 7/1), outdoor epoxy.
Guards & Housings
  • The Fans feature basket type guards. They featrure a high efficiency, venturi-type housing.
  • All fans are fully guarded and meet OSHA requirements.
  • Terminal Box connection Type
  • Painted, Hot dip galvanized or Stainless Steel guards are available on request.
Fan Blades
  • Fan blades feature one-piece cast aluminum fan blades for high efficiency and quiet operation.
  • All Fans feature a heavy duty fabricated fan blade with aluminum wings and steel hub.
  • All fan blades are machine balanced to rigid tolerances.
  • The Stainless Steel blade is available on request.